Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials are coming soon. 

Meantime, here's a visual overview...
Follow these easy steps to create a truly unique,
high quality, personalised T-shirt

The images below are "screen grabs" of the dynamictshirts designer - They're not
interractive (a few bright sparks have visited this page and told us our web designer doesn't work!)

When you are ready - click on go create to launch the designer in a new window.


Step 1 : Log-in
This is the first thing you see on entering the designer

For a quick start, just click on Skip log-in

To enable the designer to remember your design work from session to session, click on
create an account

Step 2 : The Main Catalogue

Here are all our designs for you to select and personalise

Single-Click on a design and the panel on the right will display a creative 'taster'

Choose the design you like and Double-Click it to go on and choose your T-shirt size

Main Catalogue


Size Options

Step 3 : Choose T-shirt Size

Select the T-shirt size you want

For more invoirmation on sizing, refer to the size guide


Step 4 : Choose T-shirt Colour and Style

If at step 2 the Spatter design design was selected, you now see the colour and style layout options relevant to this design

Layouts are optimised for the T-shirt colour and style you choose

Single-Click on the layout showing the T-shirt colour and style you want to personalise

(The decision you make here can be changed at any time later on)

Design Options


Step 5 : Get Designing!

This is where the fun begins

From the previous step the Blue Male T-shirt was chosen
and a puppy photo plus a clipart smilie and text ('millie') was added

Hover of the image below to see the KEY CONTROLS in this design space

 Main Design Space